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The safety of the gymnast is the foremost
concern of the gym staff. The following rules
are designed to ensure everyone's safety.
We appreciate your cooperation in
following these rules.

  1. Parents and other spectators are not
    allowed on the workout area during a class.
    Please view classes from the designated
    seating areas only. No one is allowed on the
    workout areas without coach supervision.
  2. Refrain from loud activities that may distract the gymnast.
  3. Do NOT coach from the observation deck.
    When class is in session, communicate only through
    the coach or office attendant. Calling, signaling, waving,
    or walking up to the gymnast distracts everyone.
  4. No glass containers in the gym.
  5. No smoking in or around the gym.
  6. Shoes are not worn on the workout floor
    in order to maintain cleanliness for the gymnasts.
  7. Come inside the building to pick-up your gymnast
    promptly after class. Employees cannot supervise
    and are not responsible for unattended children
    before or after class times.
  8. Dispose of all food or beverages in the proper container
    (rubbish or recycling).


  1. No food, gum, or candy allowed during class. Water and other beverages may be consumed
    off of the workout area. Absolutely no food or drinks allowed in the workout area.
  2. No dangling jewelry. Stud earrings are okay.
  3. Hair should be kept away from the face (tied or braided back)
  4. Acceptable attire for girls: leotard or unitard. No tights, dresses, skirts, or jeans/denim.
  5. Acceptable attire for boys: gym shorts and tank top or t-shirt. No jeans/denim.
  6. Feet must be bare for safety.
  7. Disruptive behavior is not tolerated. The gymnast may be asked to sit out all or part of the class.
  8. Be ready for class on time. Arrive early to change clothes or use the bathroom.
  9. Always remove your shoes before going onto the workout area.

There is a new student enrollment fee for all (One time only). This enrollment fee is due in addition to the regular tuition.  
Enrollment fees and tuition payments are non-refundable.
Tuition is due one week PRIOR to the first lesson of the session. If payment is NOT made on time, your child’s spot may be open to the public.
When paying by check, please be sure to write your child’s name in the memo area to assure payment is applied to the correct account.
All returned checks will be assessed a fee of $25.00

The last Friday of the session (4:30PM) designated as “Make Up Day.” Any student who has missed a class during a session may sign up
through the office. Make-ups will not be carried over to next session.
Please inform the office if you are not continuing after a session.
AUTOMATIC PAYMENT PLAN: Avoid the worry of paying your tuition on time! You may fill out a form at the front desk for automatic tuition payment.
On payment week GSA will charge your child's tuition to your Visa/MasterCard/AMEX or Check card.  It is an easy way to guarantee your
child's position in class.