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Parent & Tot Ages 2 & 3
This is a one hour per week class for parents to
help their children develop motor
skills and basic coordination,
as well as to introduce their
youngster to physical activity.
Children will learn body positions,
names, and basic gymnastics
skills such as running, jumping,
climbing, stretching, rolling,
balancing, hanging and other fun
activities. This is a great class
for parents to spend one on one
quality time with their youngster while
he/she learns and has a ton of fun!

Preschool Ages 3 & 4
In this one hour per week class childrenwill learn
the basic skills of gymnastics,
gymnastics terms as well as
experience all the
fun you can have on each
of the gymnastics apparatus.
This class blends physical activity
with daily living skills such as listening
and following directions. In this class,
children are given the experience of learning
and working without his/her parent. In learning
without mom or dad's help, as well as cooperating
and learning with peers throughout the class.
Children gain a great deal of self confidence and
a tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment.

Girls Beginners Age 5 and Up
Each student enrolled in our beginner gymnastics (one hour per week) class will receive instruction on all four Women’s Olympic Events
(Floor, Balance Beam, Uneven Bars and Vault) as well as trampoline. With safety in mind, each student is guided
through the basic skills on each event with emphasis on skill progressions to help provide a good foundation to
progress through more challenging skills. Our instructors provide a positive and supportive environment to begin to learn gymnastics.

Intermediate Girls
This one hour per week class will continue the progressions of skills on all four events. Gymnast will be challenged to a higher level of strength and concentration.
A strong development of the basic skills is necessary for this class. This class will enter a skill level that includes flipping skills on all events. 
Instructor approval required

These classes are specifically offered for those who would like to increase their tumbling and aerial skills. It is most popular with cheerleaders,
skaters, and divers. The major goals of this program are to learn a back handspring or “flip flop” and back tuck. Please be aware that these
cannot be learned in one session. It takes years of a developmental process to learn. The rate at which a person can learn a back handspring
is dependent on a person’s strength and flexibility. We have added a conditioning and flexibility rotation to help the student speed up the learning process. Strength, flexibility, and proper progression are essential to the safety of the student. It also will help cut down the number of injuries.

Boys’ gymnastics is a difficult sport combining strength, quickness, and agility. A gymnastics share with other sports the opportunity to learn about teamwork, sportsmanship, fair play, dedication, and other key athletic lessons. Sometimes these character traits may be considered old-fashioned,
but gymnastics does provide a terrific opportunity for teaching these characteristics. Because gymnastics is so very difficult to perform, the learning
time is long when compared to most sports. Gymnastics provides athletic training for young boys and prepares them for any sport.


Homeschool Gymnastics
The Homeschool Gymnastics program provides a well rounded fitness experience. Gymnasts complete the standard skills poster and also add rotations for fitness such as jump rope, running, sit-ups, pushups, and other conditioning and games. Homeschool Gymnasts use all GSA equipment.